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Anti-power Bailey transform Ascents Catalan numbers Abelian extensions Askey-Wilson polynomials Brumer–Stark conjecture Arithmetic function Surjective pistols Central limit theorem Covering polynomial Dellac histories $L$-functions in positive characteristic Gandhi polynomials Digraphs Coloring problems Meromorphic continuation Congruences Class module Enjeux Euler-Zagier multiple zeta-function Coxeter groups Davenport constant Irreducible $k$-shapes $t$-motives Artin L-functions A-harmonic sums Ehrhart polynomial Bressoud inversion Complexité Combinatorics on words Chebichev function Empilements de pièces Zeta functions Algorithm Complexity Multiple zeta-function 05D10 Self-similar discrete sets Discrete interval exchange transformations Discrete one-dimensional Schrödinger operators Actions de groupes Apéry numbers Carlitz zeta values Riemann Hypothesis Descents Deformations Automorphism groups Correct rounding Characters sums 05C55 Genocchi numbers Fractals Continued fraction $G$-functions Ballot numbers Chemins Cyclic complexity Class number formula Tauberian theorems Reduced decompositions Algèbres de Temperley-Lieb Function fields of positive characteristic Algebraic independence Bernoulli numbers E-functions Cycle Cryptologie Elementary function Weak order Class P conjecture Dumont permutations Transcendence Multiple zeta values Dirichlet series Bernoulli number Cryptographie Computer arithmetic Dellac configurations $A$-harmonic sums Symbolic dynamics Tableaux Q-analogue Andrews formula Anderson-Thakur function Diophantine systems Exponential sums Coxeter group Erdos distance problem Braid group Bateman-like totien zeta-functions Differential Equations Distribution of values of arithmetic functions Sturmian words Carlitz module Drinfeld modular forms Constant terms of powers of Laurent polynomials Drinfeld quasi-modular forms Special values Cohomology

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