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Open archives of the Service Central d'Analyse
department of Institute of Analytical Sciences (ISA) - UMR 5280

SCA publications are available in the form of bibliographic records.
Tthe bibliographic records of year 2011 are gradually transferred to the open archives of ISA. Thank you to refer to the open archives ISA for 2011 and following years

In january 2011 the Service Central d'Analyse, the Laboratoire des Sciences Analytiques and the Centre de RMN à très haut champ have been merged into the Institue of Analytical Sciences in order to become one of the largest European research center in anaytical chemistry.

The Service Central d'Analyse Department provides routine and non routine analysis (elemental or molecular, analysis of complex matrix, ultra traces analysis, speciation, structural determination, on-line analysis...) as well as methods development. Research and development activities at SCA are applied to four areas:
  • Environment : identification, quantification of organic and inorganic pollutants and degradation products in waters, soils, sludges and biota
  • Food, natural products and cosmetics: quality of products (identification, quantification of contaminants, adulteration detection) and authenticity of compounds
  • Biochemistry: new methods to detect doping, to identify drugs facilitated crimes... Drug's composition and contamination are also studied
  • Process and materials chemistry : materials properties, process intensification, polymers, MIP...

Service Central d'Analyse
Department of Institute of Analytical Sciences - UMR 5280
Chemin du canal - 69360 SOLAIZE
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