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The research project of the ELIPSE group (Etude de LInteraction Personne SystèmE) is part of the field of Human Computer Interaction (HCI).

Its multidisciplinarity (cognitive sciences, HCI, computer science) makes it possible to treat Advanced Interaction Techniques (IAT) as research objects in order to develop models, new interaction techniques or devices, and as research tools to explore their impact on perception and human cognition.

The work is carried out under the complementary angles of the Human (perception, cognition, behavior) and its Interactions (processes, models, technologies), points of view that we aim to combine within theoretical contributions, concrete implementations and experimentation.

The research group is able to go as far as deploying and evaluating complex and varied interaction situations (Spatial interactive spaces such as augmented reality, tangible and multi-device interactions, Ambient Computing, Assistive technologies for blind and motor impaired users, Mobile Interactive Systems). An originality of the group, is that these technological deployments can bounce back on the study of the theoretical foundations relating to humans and their interactions.